Why I am passionate about ABA – a mum’s moving testimonial

A mum’s moving testimonial

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Most parents take for granted that toddlers will pick up functional skills as part of their development, mainly through incidental learning. What happens when your child still does not talk at 5? He cannot ask for anything nor tell you how he is feeling nor listens to you reading stories or engage in games, but sits and spins car wheels, pushes same buttons on his electronic toy, desires no food or drink nor hugs & cuddles and requires no interaction with anyone and tantrums when putting on shoes, to go out, when TV goes off, when sitting to eat? The list was endless and despair set in because autism trapped him in a world where I had no place or understanding, Who was the lost one?

 ABA saved my sanity and explains my passion about it. His progress was swift. Within a few weeks of a part-time 12 hr/week ABA-VB programme, he had 10 single words and 3 months later he had 80!  My spirits lift, my hopes awaken, my sadness abates, I cried with joy that he is so bright and he can learn. He was languishing in an LA eclectic autism school where at the end of 2 yrs there, he had 5 PECS pictures & no speech. An SEN appeal decision placed him in an ABA school.  He is now 14, still has autism & SEN but he talks, reads, writes, does maths, albeit at 8 yr old level but hey give him a chance, he did lose 6 crucial developmental yrs. What is the hurry? There lies the mystery, ABA critics say that we take away the essence of the child when we control what he should be achieving. Untrue! My son retains his essence because he is learning to his potential with ABA . Another anti-ABA sentiment is that our children become robotic, I rather that than a dysfunctional child that society will ignore and shun as an adult with no skills whatsoever. He has a way to go yet and I do not give up on the aspirations of more recovery so that we can enjoy a life lime together.

 Support this campaign and invite others to read our testimonies because ABA can serve to change your life and that of your child and should be made available to those who seek it.

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