24-10-2015 | Beyond the Discrete Trial: Advanced Learner Repertoires

Beyond the Discrete Trial

1 Day workshop : Beyond the Discrete Trial: Advanced Learner Repertoires
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28-3-2015: Developing Social Interest and Good Learner Repertoires

This workshop will focus on ways to establish and maintain learner motivation throughout programming.  When these methods are employed, learners become easy to teach.
Many are familiar with the concepts of “pairing” (i.e., delivering “free reinforcers”) and of mand training (i.e., teaching students to request reinforcers).  These strategies are both important to programming, especially in the early stages.  Few are familiar with the critical repertoires that should develop during pairing and while learning to mand.  Typically developing children develop these repertoires naturally.  Exceptional learners sometimes require more careful teaching to ensure that these repertoires develop.

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14-6-14 : Video modelling in autism treatment

Innovative Technology-Based Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); focus on video modelling

 Given the visual superiority of people with ASD, the majority of current educational programmes rely on visual supports. Drawings, pictures or videos appear to be particularly motivating. This seminar will focus on video modelling aiming to provide participants with a sound understanding of all critical underpinnings of this procedure, Continue reading

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